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The on-line CAST-IRON PORTLAND exhibit was developed May – August 2010 by AHC intern Beth Fischer, a graduate student in art history at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, who served as the first William J. Hawkins III FAIA Intern.

Based on the exhibit of the same name mounted at the AHC from April through October of 2009, the web version was created to make information about Portland’s nationally-significant collection of cast iron buildings more widely available for the interested public and researchers, and encourage heritage tourism.

We acknowledge with deep respect the professional legacy of retired architect Bill Hawkins, whose long historic preservation career included advocacy and action to save local cast iron architecture, and service on the Board of Directors and Board of Advisors of the Bosco-Milligan Foundation.

We profusely thank Beth for her many hours of intense creativity and collegiality, and sharing her melded technical expertise and preservation scholarship so generously with the AHC. Her hard work in highlighting Portland’s cast iron heritage demonstrates that young professionals have much to contribute to the ongoing preservation of landmarks pioneered by dedicated practitioners like Bill Hawkins.

This on-line exhibit was made possible by the following supporters whose gracious contributions created the William J. Hawkins III FAIA Internship Fund in honor of the retirement of one of Portland’s pre-eminent historic preservation architects. While we cannot replicate Bill’s many years of dedication to saving Portland landmarks, we can acknowledge and appreciate his legacy by encouraging the next generation of historic preservation practitioners to follow his example.

Katherine F. and Richard E. Abel
Jeanne K. Allen
Salli and Dale Archibald
Ralph T. and Gloria L. Amato
Karen Vedvei Atiyeh
James L. Atkinson
Joella Werlin and Robert Autrey
John H. Barker
Norm and Joanne Carlson
Ian Cartwright, M.D.
Holly Chamberlain and Charlie Mitchell
John B. and Janet M. Charlton
Judith A. and Jack O. Cornwall
Daren Dixon
Linda S. Dodds
Scott A. Eckelman
Richard Engeman
Virginia Guest Ferriday
Jeanne E. Gordon and Edward L. Prichard, Jr.
John and Kelsey Green Grout
Faye R. and Kenneth R. Hall
William F. Hart, Jr.
Kingston W. Heath and Randall M. Heath
Jean Poole Hittner
Joan Hoffman, Hoffman/Hubbard
Frances Lannie Hurst
Donald Jenkins
Roger H. and Julie L. Jensen
Emmy Vonscheven Lawrence and William C. Lawrence
Samuel P. and Ruthann S. Lockwood
Ruth L. and Kenneth J. Love
Susan S. Miller
The Old Church Society
Richard Allen and Patricia Ann Oliphant
Peter T. and Josephine Pope
Elisabeth Walton Potter
Judith Rees
Eric J. and Tiffany N. Rosenfeld
Peter M. Sargent
Susan K. Seyl
Margaret Shirley
Margaret Mary Tobin
The Town Club
Karen M. and George N. Vigeland
Slate and Davida Wilson
Marvin Witt AIA and Anita Witt
Mardi Wood

Additional donations are always welcome to this fund
as we strive to provide significant work experience and learning opportunities for young professionals seeking to enter the field of historic preservation. To contribute, go to and put “Hawkins Internship” in the comment field along with your donation, or mail a check to Bosco-Milligan Foundation, 701 SE Grand Avenue, Portland, OR 97214 and put “Hawkins Internship” on the memo line.

Please contact Holly Chamberlain at 503-231-7264 or hollyc (at) VisitAHC for more information. Thank you.

We acknowledge with gratitude the technical expertise provided by AHC IT Manager Ken Hall, Ph.D. as this exhibit was created, and the significant technical input contributed by IT Intern Christine Guyett during spring and summer 2010.

Special thanks are also due to: David Bales, Benson High School Foundry Alumni, Joanne Carlson, Kevin Costello, Gina Drew, Norm Gholston, Marsha Hanchrow, Robert Jordan, Susanna Kuo — Oswego Heritage Council, Chuck Mason, Bernadette Niederer, Grant Scholbrock, Alison Starkey, Meg & Dave Talbott, and Bill Welch.