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Cook's Block
Cook's Block detail Cook's Block detail Cook's Block being demolished
Cook's Block

Built 1884, Demolished 1965
Southeast Corner of Second and Oak

Architect: Warren Williams

This three story building was constructed for $20,000, a very reasonable cost at the time. Unlike many buildings in the nearby area that had the brick façade covered by stucco to look like stone masonry, Cook’s Block and others on the same block were free of this more uniform and comparatively reserved architectural styling. Instead, the brick work was left free to show its detail and natural color with only the first floor adorned with the unique Willamette Iron Works cast iron façade. The cast iron was then painted to contrast nicely with the natural brick above.
On behalf of the Portland Friends of Cast-Iron Architecture, the iron work was salvaged by Benny Milligan and Jerry Bosco in 1965, when the building was demolished. Today, the iron could potentially be incorporated into the Skidmore/Old Town Historic District where most of the city’s surviving cast iron buildings are located.

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