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New Market Building, South Wing
Pearne Building Pearne & Poppleton Buildings
Pearne Building

Built 1865, Rebuilt 1875
814 SW First Avenue

Architects: Unknown
Cast-Iron Manufacturer: Unknown

This building, like the Poppleton Building next door, was destroyed by fire in 1873 but the cast iron components were saved and reused when the structure was rebuilt in 1874-1875. It is an example of the “party wall” method of construction that was used for many cast iron-fronted row buildings of the period. By eliminating the necessity of two walls, construction was simplified and costs were lowered. The popular iron pilaster-style columns and applied shield-type ornaments were used on several buildings including the 1878 Van Rensselaer, Love, and Harker Buildings. The cartouches (crests) were cast in one piece and bolted at mid-height.

Photographs by Kevin Costello

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