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Wasserman & Weil Buildings
Wasserman & Weil Buildings Wasserman & Weil Buildings Detail Weil Building Drawing
Wasserman & Weil Buildings

Built 1860, Demolished 1954
Front Avenue, between Alder and Washington Streets

In 1860, the Wasserman brothers and the Weil brothers built identical structures side by side on Front Avenue, accessed by a central staircase. Each building was 25’ wide and fronted with handsome 11’6” cast iron columns that were spanned by a segmental cast iron arch. The second story windows with iron shutters and the cast iron roof cornice ornament were firsts in the city. The cast iron was provided by Sutter Iron Works of San Francisco.

Herman and Philip Wasserman were German immigrants who operated a cigar and tobacco business. Ruben and David Weil operated a shop next door. Prominent Chinese importer Seid Beck occupied the Wasserman building in the 1880s and the Moore Produce Company operated out of both buildings from 1925 until 1954.

The Wasserman & Weil Buildings were among dozens destroyed in the massive clearance for Harbor Drive, a transportation “improvement” later removed for Waterfront Park.

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