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Gallery of Cast Iron Artifacts

Wasserman & Weil Building Bracket
Wasserman & Weil Building Wreath
Ankeny & Watson Building Keystone
Capital Fragmens
Dekum & Reed Building Lady Medallion
Sherlock Building Medallion
Union Block Medallion
Ladd Block Shield Medallion
Ladd Block Wolf Figure
Smith & Watson Building Head
Smith & Watson Building Capital
Cooks Block Keystone
Kamm Block Griffin Figure
Abington Building Lintel
Abington Building Lion Head Figure
Abington Building Pilaster Ornament
McKay Building Ornament
Spiral Stair Treads
Bracket from St. Louis
Shield Medallion
Pilaster Ornament
Owl Ornament
T-Box Spandrel
Ornament with Shield & Thistles
Door Lintel with Minerva
Male Grotesque Figure
Ornament with Acorn
Filigree Medallion
Circular Rosette