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Historic Photographs

First Street at Alder during flood, 1880s
Kamm Block, 1892
McKay and Abington Buildings during flood, 1894
Front Avenue, 1930s
Ladd Block, 1930s
Hallock & McMillan, Fechheimer & White Buildings, 1940
New Market Block, North Wing, 1951
Abington Building, 1930
Ankeny Block, 1892
Smith & Watson Building, date unknown
Union Block, c. 1919

Historic Lithographs, Etchings and Sketches
Ad showing Yamhill St at First
Front Avenue at D, date unknown
Kamm Block, 1886
Union Block, late 19th century
Union Block, 1880
Wasserman & Weil Buildings, date unknown
receipt from Wasserman Building, 1870
New Market Block, 1872
New Market Block, North Wing, 1873
First Ave looking north from Morrison, 1878
First & Alder, 1879
First Ave looking south from Morrison, 1880
Corner of Front & Stark, 1880
Corner of First & Washington, 1881
New Market Block, 1881
Portland Businesses, 1882
Oregon Furniture Manufacturing Company, 1882
Union Block, 1882
Bickel Block, 1883
First Avenue looking south from Alder, 1883
Morrison St at First Ave, 1883
Starr Block, 1883
Strowbridge Building, 1883
Labbé Building, 1884
First looking north from Morrison, 1886
Front Ave & Washington, 1886
Front looking south from Vine, 1886
Morrison & Second, 1886
Second looking north from Yamhill, 1886
View from Kamm Block, 1886
Washington St looking east at Second, 1886
Ladd & Tilton Bank, 1892